Charles Street Buildings Group switches to LandMark 4

Charles Street Buildings Group (CSB), the East Midlands-based property investment company, has installed LandMark 4, the leading property management software solution from Hexagon Software. This market-leading software solution will enhance the management of CSB’s portfolio.

According to Robert Smith, Company Secretary of CSB: “LandMark 4 will enable us to achieve significant efficiency improvements by automating time-consuming manual processes. It will also provide us with access to real-time data, giving an instant snapshot of how the portfolio is performing to enhance decision-making across the business

LandMark 4 is a web-based property management system with an easy view dashboard that automatically delivers the latest, real-time property information. It can be customised for individual users to show a broad range of high level overviews with performance indicators that show the current status of the property portfolio at a glance

The new system automates the reporting process by centralising the management and storage of data relating to CSB’s property portfolio. It eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets and enables informative reports to be generated at the press of a button without having to manually gather data.

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Hexagon Cloud is a new hosted platform for financial and property management solutions

Hexagon Software has announced the launch of Hexagon Cloud, a new hosted platform that extends access to its market-leading property management and financial accounting software. Hexagon Cloud will enable users to review or update information from core ‘back-office’ systems, such as approving invoices, entering account transactions or viewing property information from any internet-enabled location on any device.

“Hexagon Cloud will enable organisations to achieve administrative efficiencies and increase productivity whilst significantly reducing the total cost of ownership,” commented Hexagon Software. “Devolving Dream functionality to a hosted application will allow more users to access the system from any location using any internet-enabled mobile device to enhance decision-making, streamline accounting processes and help organisations to be more agile and responsive.”

Hexagon Cloud is a native cloud application that uses a microservice-based architecture to allow updates and new features to be seamlessly introduced to all customers as soon as they are released. It runs on a clustered container infrastructure providing elastic scalability and resilience enabling new customer environments to be created in minutes. OAuth authentication provides secure access to the application using existing Office365 or other social media credentials.

“With no upfront expenditure and low monthly costs per user, Hexagon Cloud delivers greater, more cost-effective access to business intelligence and workflows to strengthen organisational performance whilst eliminating the technicalities surrounding operating system, device or browser compatibility. Hexagon Cloud will also provide a platform for the next generation of LandMark, our market-leading property management software solution, and differentiates us from competitors with older, monolithic applications that require major upgrade projects to take advantage of new functionality,” added Hexagon.

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