advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting

A comprehensive suite of standard and custom reports to meet every operational requirement.

LandMark 4 provides a flexible reporting capability that enables users to rapidly access real-time data on property portfolios and tenancies.

Alongside the wide range of standard reports, custom reports can be quickly and easily created, run and exported to Excel and other external applications for further analysis. This eliminates the need for users to create and maintain individual spreadsheets and ensures that reports contain up-to-the-minute information.

Reports can be accessed in two different ways:

Desktop Reporting

Key management data can be published to individual desktops where users can drill down from high level KPIs to analyse underlying detail in greater depth. Desktop reports can combine data from multiple systems and data sources including third party operational processes including accounting, HR, maintenance, asset management and CRM systems without having to login to separate applications.

Web Reporting

A web based reporting portal enables staff, managers, customers and suppliers to access interactive reports remotely via a secure web login facility. Reports can also be scheduled for delivery to designated personnel on a regular basis or exported in PDF, Excel or Word formats.

Hexagon Expertise

Should you need assistance with developing a customised reporting solution for complex requirements, Hexagon Software's experienced consultancy team can help. We can design reports that combine data from multiple systems and present the results in an informative, easy to read format.


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