Service Charge Module

Service Charge Management

Efficiently manage and reconcile service charges in multi-occupied properties including shopping centres and industrial units.

LandMark 4 enables property management companies to streamline the management and control of service charges across the organisation.

Expenditure can be tracked throughout the service charge period and the handling and authorisation of supplier invoices is automated through direct integration with the accounts application.

Multiple schedules and unlimited expense categories can be used to enhance the tracking of service charge income on an ongoing basis. At the end of each period the system can apportion all expenditure and calculate a balancing charge for each tenant. Any periods of vacancy are account for and tenant service charge liabilities can be capped, fixed or inclusive. The close period procedure within LandMark automatically raises invoices for any under recovered service charges.

Comprehensive Reporting

Hexagon Software's service charge management functionality is simple and intuitive to use.  It generates a wide range of reports including:

  • Expenses Apportionment
  • Reconciliation reports for each tenant
  • Un-recovered service charge costs
  • Balancing charges

Service charge reports can be run at any time, providing real time and detailed insights into the current position of any service charge period.


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