Workflow & Process Management


Workflow and Process Management

Enables organisations to automate virtually any employee-driven business tasks and processes.

TaskCentre is a Business Process Management tool that gives users the flexibility to easily define automation processes to schedule tasks on a time basis or triggered by an action in the database.

  • Workflow

    Adds enhanced workflow capabilities to applications such as intelligent routing of authorisations to reduce administration costs and increase productivity. It enforces consistency in the organisation’s processes, accelerates company performance and assists in the development of a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Advanced Business Alerts

    Provides instant notification of situations before or as they occur to enhance decision-making based on critical data events. Alerts can be sent by email or SMS to key stakeholders including designated employees, suppliers, and clients if predetermined events occur in the database.

  • Document Automation

    Connects existing applications and systems to automatically generate and distribute document flows. It automates the production and distribution of a wide range of reports, letters, order acknowledgements, invoices or statements via a variety of formats and channels.

  • Automated Posting

    Posts transactions automatically according to set rules. For example, when future event bookings are posted to deferred income, TaskCentre detects when the date of the event occurs and posts a journal to transfer the appropriate bookings from deferred income to income.

  • Request Response

    Enables the development and maintenance of highly configurable and user defined request-response' mechanisms that integrate tightly into any organisation’s databases and information systems. It automates the delivery of information to meet constantly changing customer requirements.

  • Web Content Publishing

    Allows online information to be automatically generated, published and updated according to user-defined rules for easy access by employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Task and process automation
  • Automatic alerts by email or SMS
  • Multiple output formats
  • Information at a glance
  • Enhances information distribution
  • More efficient processing of management data
  • More informed decision-making


Business Process ROI calculator

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