IM Properties enhances portfolio management with Landmark 4

IM Properties (IM), one of the UK’s largest privately owned property companies with a global investment and development portfolio of circa £900 million, has upgraded its property management software to LandMark 4.

Developed by Hexagon Software, the leading provider of software solutions to the property sector, this latest generation application will enable IM to further enhance the management of its portfolio of industrial, retail, office and residential properties which has a range of high quality occupiers including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Next, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, UPS, Volkswagen, House of Fraser, Kuehne + Nagel and Ernst & Young.

According to Adrian Clarke, Finance Director of IM Properties: “LandMark 4 allows us to maintain our reputation for consistent deliverability and high quality asset management whilst meeting the ever more stringent reporting requirements. It also provides us with a self-service solution giving instant access to key information to speed up the decision-making process and deliver the best service to our tenants.”

Before deciding to install LandMark 4, IM conducted an extensive market review to determine what would be the most appropriate system moving forward. As a long term user of the LandMark property management system, the firm had been impressed with the resilience and reliability of the software as well as the high level of support provided by Hexagon Software. IM is also a committed user of the Dream financial management system which handles all accounting requirements, with the flexibility and scalability to accommodate projected growth.

LandMark 4 is a web-based system with a modern look and feel that requires minimal training and provides immediate access to real-time data whilst reducing time-consuming manual processes. It has an easy view dashboard that automatically delivers key performance information customised for individual users and provides high level overviews of performance indicators such as rent collections, net rental yields, occupation rates and more. IM is now benefitting from time savings in data input, maintenance and both on-demand and scheduled reporting.

The new quick and easy to use property and lease wizards speed up the process of getting information into the system and auto-populates subsidiary records, minimising the need to re-enter information. Custom reporting grids provide IM with a superset of property and lease LandMark data that is easily sorted, filtered and exported to a variety of formats (such as Microsoft Excel and Word). This has made the provision of quality on-demand management information straightforward.

Regular board and third party reports on IM’s property portfolio are now produced through the reporting module which combines data from the both the LandMark database and IM’s accounting database. This has negated the need to maintain a series of intermediate reports and datasets, with the data flowing straight from source to a reporting output. As well as finance databases, LandMark 4 can facilitate the combination and reporting of data from other internal systems such HR and specialist operational databases.

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A new AI-powered intelligent invoice capture solution for the property sector

Hexagon Software, one of the UK’s leading providers of financial and property management software solutions, has introduced a new AI-powered intelligent invoice capture solution. Available as part of the company’s hosted platform Hexagon Cloud, it will deliver immediate and significant cost savings by reducing manual processing time by up to 80% whilst giving greater control and visibility of invoices across the organisation.

According to Hexagon Software: “This intelligent invoice capture solution delivers significant efficiency improvements by further automating workflow processes and freeing up staff to handle more productive, client-facing tasks. It provides faster data retrieval and greater visibility of the whole invoicing process.”

Processing time is dramatically reduced by using Google’s AI engine to automatically locate all relevant data from emailed invoices regardless of individual layouts with an accuracy rate in excess of 90%. This self-learning solution quickly identifies where particular information is located on invoices and automatically posts the data directly into Dream, Hexagon’s market-leading financial accounting software solution.

The use of machine learning eliminates the need to manually add barcodes and scan individual invoices before keying in the required data. It also removes the need to create individual templates for each supplier, as required by other applications. Any unread invoices are placed in an exceptions queue for individual review and are automatically tagged to speed up the retrieval process and cross reference to other relevant documents stored in the system.

Supplier invoices that contain order numbers are automatically matched to purchase invoices according to predefined criteria and processing is carried out according to individual business rules. Authorised approvers are automatically notified of invoices that require their attention via email for authorisation from any internet-enabled location on any device. When approved, invoice values are automatically uploaded to Dream or other financial systems including SAP, Oracle, Sun, JDE, Movex, Navision and Sage.

“This Hexagon Cloud invoice capture solution provides real-time insights as to what purchase orders have been raised across the organisation,” continued Hexagon. “It also demonstrates the potential for AI moving forward, providing the power to speed up the processing of other type of documentation such as leases and contracts.”

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Craig Jackson celebrates 30 years with Hexagon

LandMark Product Manager Craig Jackson is celebrating his 30th anniversary with Hexagon Software. He joined the business in October 1990 at the age of 19 straight after taking his A-levels as a temporary stop gap while considering his options for university the following year. Prior to this, his only job experience was working in the summer holidays at a theme park dressed as a clown and selling balloons.

Craig started as a junior programmer in the company’s support department. In this role he gained a solid foundation in the principles of software development by getting involved in program code maintenance as well as software support to customers. In his early 20’s, he moved from Tamworth to the company’s head office in Witney, Oxfordshire where he began to focus on the core business of software development. Craig’s expertise came to the fore when the team was restructured and he started specialising in the grounds-up development of new applications.

Midway through his career with Hexagon, Craig was appointed Product Manager to lead the development of LandMark and the framework for what has subsequently become one of the UK’s leading property management software solutions. In his current role, Craig now focuses on the ongoing development of LandMark 4 as well as providing expert assistance in a second line support role.

According to Mitchell Hill, Hexagon’s Managing Director: “Craig has made a vital contribution to the growth of Hexagon and is an invaluable member of the team. In particular, we value his ability to rapidly respond to the ever-evolving requirements of our customer base and take advantage of opportunities offered by advances in mainstream technologies.”

Craig’s career at Hexagon has not been without incident. He recalls a particularly memorable event: “I clearly remember when, as a fresh faced newbie, I was tasked with delivering a computer to the head office from Tamworth using a colleague’s company car. I set off, only to find a couple of hours later on arrival that the computer wasn’t in the car. The delivery was for the company’s MD and I had kittens having to own up about what had happened. Thankfully he saw the funny side but it took a while to live that down.”

There have been many technical advances since Craig joined the business in the early days when he used a software application running in Unix for the development language and proprietary accounts. This became the bedrock of Craig’s knowledge of property management systems. So much so that even today, in development meetings when discussing technical challenges, he still likes to tell the team how the issue was resolved In the SeaChange system, the environment used to develop the early Hexagon systems!

Away from work, Craig has been married to Tracey for 12 years. They have four grown up step-children and an eight year old son as well as being foster carers. In his spare time, Craig enjoys fishing, playing poker and is an ardent supporter of Liverpool FC.

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Hexagon Cloud is a new hosted platform for financial and property management solutions

Hexagon Software has announced the launch of Hexagon Cloud, a new hosted platform that extends access to its market-leading property management and financial accounting software. Hexagon Cloud will enable users to review or update information from core ‘back-office’ systems, such as approving invoices, entering account transactions or viewing property information from any internet-enabled location on any device.

“Hexagon Cloud will enable organisations to achieve administrative efficiencies and increase productivity whilst significantly reducing the total cost of ownership,” commented Hexagon Software. “Devolving Dream functionality to a hosted application will allow more users to access the system from any location using any internet-enabled mobile device to enhance decision-making, streamline accounting processes and help organisations to be more agile and responsive.”

Hexagon Cloud is a native cloud application that uses a microservice-based architecture to allow updates and new features to be seamlessly introduced to all customers as soon as they are released. It runs on a clustered container infrastructure providing elastic scalability and resilience enabling new customer environments to be created in minutes. OAuth authentication provides secure access to the application using existing Office365 or other social media credentials.

“With no upfront expenditure and low monthly costs per user, Hexagon Cloud delivers greater, more cost-effective access to business intelligence and workflows to strengthen organisational performance whilst eliminating the technicalities surrounding operating system, device or browser compatibility. Hexagon Cloud will also provide a platform for the next generation of LandMark, our market-leading property management software solution, and differentiates us from competitors with older, monolithic applications that require major upgrade projects to take advantage of new functionality,” added Hexagon.

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