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Dream Financials

Flexible and scalable, user-defined accounting solution for property companies

Dream is a best-of-class, award-winning unified ledger accounting solution. Created from the ground up for the property sector, this dedicated financial software solution integrates easily with other business applications and includes a more comprehensive range of accounting functions usually found in multipurpose ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

It provides:

Single Unified ledger

A single combined database provides nominal, purchase, sales and cash ledgers as well as other ledgers such as administrative purchasing, fixed asset accounting and reporting.

User-defined input

Customised input screens for processes such as simple invoice entry or complex multi-ledger input minimises training needs and increases productivity.


Browser-based tools streamline, simplify and improve purchase-to-pay processing to reduce administrative costs and control online purchasing from chosen suppliers.

Integration, control and connectivity

Users can quickly access the financial data they need – whenever and wherever they are.

Budgeting and forecasting

Unlimited comparative budgeting and forecasting options for all levels of analysis and reporting. Budget virements and changes can be processed as transactions with a full audit trail while DreamView allows budget modelling using actuals from prior years if necessary and posted directly back to Dream.


Dual currency accounting automatically mirrors all transactions and balances and a single transaction line can involve up to six separate currency values

Key Benefits:
  • Unrivalled multi-company processing
  • Automatic Inter-Company Postings
  • Advanced, rule-based VAT Handling
  • Project accounting and CIS
  • Consolidated & cross company reporting
  • On-line order and invoice authorisations
  • Integrated Fixed Asset Management
  • Flexible Reporting


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