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Project Accounting

Improved management and control of every project

Project accounting plays an integral part of Dream's unified ledger solution and offers a comprehensive range of features including:

  • Improves project visibility by setting prices, estimates and budgets
  • Enables purchase orders to be placed and commitments monitored against projects
  • Directly updates project costs/revenue from postings to purchase ledger, sales ledger, cash book, fixed assets, time-recording, etc.
  • Allows user-defined field sets to hold additional project information
  • Records time and expenses against projects
  • Analysis of projects by type, manager, phase, cost-head and any alternative analysis categories
  • Allows project costs to be selectively written-off and capitalised
  • Instant access to project reports showing actual, budget, commitment and other comparative balances
  • Enables drill-down to source transactions from any level of reporting
  • Eliminates the need to reconcile to general ledgers


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