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Budgeting & Forecasting

Enables more effective budgeting across the organisation

Dream extends the budget planning process by enabling a greater number of managers and employees to make a contribution. It also makes it easy to review and revise budgets on an ongoing basis to better meet organisational requirements.

A comprehensive range of facilities are provided to assist with the collating, holding, updating and reporting on budgets and forecasts:

Key Benefits:
  • Any number of comparative budgets and forecasts can be maintained.
  • Budgets and forecasts are entered once providing comparative analysis, reporting and enquiries at all levels and dimensions.
  • Virements and changes are processed as transactions with a full audit trail of budget movements.
  • Budgets can be modelled in DreamView using actuals from prior years and posted directly back to Dream.
  • Dream's input forms and order processing functions can interact directly with budget management to prevent or warn users where budgets are being exceeded.
  • Budget monitoring can span financial years for project budgets.
  • Budgets and forecasts can be held for statistical and financial values such as visitor numbers, units sold, etc.


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